Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, advance reservations are required. All class are paid in full at the time of booking to reserve your spot in the class. Reservations may be made through our website store, over the phone, or send an email to 

No racing experience is required. You will receive instruction to fully prepare you for your on track sessions by one of our driving instructors.

What is included in the classes?

The use of Safety equipment is included in all classes. This includes helmet, driving suit, neck brace, & gloves. Drivers are required to wear tennis shoes or driving shoes, no flip flops or work boots.

There is bottled water available to all drivers. There is no food service at the track.


What are the specs of the race cars that we will drive?

Sprint Car Spec are:

Non Wing

Engine- ASCS 360 700 hp

Weight 1150 lbs

Injected on alcohol

Wheel Base 86” long 76” wide

Ventura Raceway top speed have been clocked at 98 mp


Focus Midget Spec are:

Non Wing

Engine- Ford Focus 2.0 190 hp

Weight 900 lbs

Injected on alcohol 

Wheel Base 72” long 65” wide

Ventura Raceway top speed clocked at 84 mph


What happens if I crash the race car?

Students are financially responsible for all damage to the race car, if crashed while the driver is driving. Crash damage insurance can be purchased for $50 with a $1500.00 deductible. 

The insurance is not included in the price of the class. You may purchase it at the time of sign in on the day of the class or through the store website ahead of time.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you wear something comfortable and not bluky so that your driving suit can go over the clothes you are wearing. Jeans, shorts and t-shirts are ideal for comfort.

If I need to cancel can I get a refund?

There are NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON once you have booked your spot in a class. If you need to reschedule that can be done 14 days or more in advance of your class date at no charge. If you need to reschedule under the 14 days there is a 10% rescheduling fee of the price you paid for your class.

If a class is cancelled by Cory Kruseman's Sprint Car & Midget Driving School due to weather or changes out of our control you will be rescheduled for a future date. 

For students traveling long distances we strongly suggest booking refundable or flexible travel arrangements with the airlines or hotels. Cory Kruseman's Sprint Car Driving & Midget School is not responsible for costs lost for travel accommodations in the event of a cancellation.

How many cars are on the track at a time?

There is only ONE car at a time on the track. This is a driving school not a facility to race each other.

What is the age restriction for driving a race car?

All drivers must be 12 years and older. 12-15 years old may only drive a Focus Midget car. 16 years and over can drive either the Focus Midget Car or a Sprint Car.

Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian consent form signed to drive. You will need to have a parent/guardian with you at all times while you attend the class.

What are the size requirements to drive a race car?

Focus Midget Drivers must be at least 4'6" tall and under 6' max and weigh under 260 lbs.

Sprint Car Drivers must be at least 4'6" tall and under 6'4" max and weigh under 320 lbs

All drivers must be able to climb in on the side or through the top of the race car to get in. There are no doors!


Can Friends and Family come watch me drive?

Yes, each student may have up to 2 people (per track insurance rules) to come out and watch you drive. All spectators must sign in and receive a wrist band upon entrence. Small children must be supervised at all times as race cars, push trucks and water truck do not stop as quickly on the dirt. Anyone who is not a student in the class will need to sit in the grandstands. No alcohol or pets are allowed anywhere on the premises. (Service dogs will be allowed)